Sugar Aside For This One

Feeling a bit less than happy today so I figure I’ll keep on truckin.  Let’s set the niceties aside as I’ve already done and talk frankly about why this nation is on such a downward spiral.  Oh… didn’t realize we are on a downward spiral?  Really.  You must be reading the headlines and listening to the TV pundits or the ivory idiots in DC.  Well let me clue you in.  This country is on a downward spiral like we’ve never seen.  Yeah, like the end of America and the start of Amuurika is here.  Live and love it or do what you can to break it so that the inevitable restructuring can take place sooner than later.

Let me lay out some realities for you.

1. The nation has been running deficits since 1971.  That is the year we came off the quasi gold standard so that we could run perpetual deficits.  And now we are monetizing most of our own debt.  Great.  That means the remaining 3% of value left in the dollar since the Central Banking Act (yeah that’s using the govs own stats) will now devalue at a much faster rate.  Know anything about asymptotes?  Well you will soon whether you realize it or not.  I will leave it for you to google if you are not familiar with the concept.

2. The government is effectively insolvent meaning its liabilities outweigh its assets so that we carry negative equity.  Yeah that’s right people you might not realize it because 55% of you are still getting your gov subsidy but that money doesn’t really exist.  It is printed out of thin air and each time a magic dollar is printed it buys less stuff.  Eventually it won’t buy any stuff.  If we couldn’t monetize our own debt we would have been out of business a very long time ago.  So yes we are bankrupt.

3. Your government lies to you about everything.  And if you don’t get that already you must be technically retarded or more politically correct mentally incapacitated.  Do you really believe that Snowden happened to catch the only lies the government is telling us??  As though a serial killer only ever killed just the bodies we find?  Come on use your heads folks.  There are two parallel worlds out there.  The one they have us perceive as real and the real world where things are deliberated set in course by a few horrible men.  Everything they tell you is a lie.  And if you call that conspiracy theory read the Snowden revelations but first watch the congressional NSA hearings prior to the Snowden revelations and then tell me the gov doesn’t blatantly lie about everything it feels it can get away with.

4. The Fed and other central banks have been propping up the markets for 5 years.  Many central banks admit to this now but not the Fed.  Nope the Fed, although Berskanke slid in a speech or two that they could if they wanted, hasn’t admitted to their heavy buying of equities yet.  The Fed very wrongly assumed that a backstopped and thus upward moving stock market would lead to a strong economy.  Well the opposite happened.  It lead to a destruction of capital investment and thus jobs.  And now is a circular problem.  Few jobs means less disposable income means less demand means less revenue means more corporate investment directly and indirectly to the market rather than into capital production means less jobs – and the circle is closes.

5. The economy is in a wretched state.  But one cannot speak of such taboos to the masses or one gets fired.  Refer to Walmarts Ex CEO who brazenly yet honestly told America that the economy is simply still in very bad shape and that people just don’t have money to spend.  And then within two weeks he was fired.  Yep Amuurikan freedom and transparency.

The sad reality is that all this shit and so much more (which are the very things the founding fathers told us would happen) really adds up to one thing.  We have passed our apex and are accelerating toward the inevitable end of what we once were.  As all great nations do.  There is to be suffering en masse and although a few will get richer the vast majority will feel the effects of more than one hundred years of underlying tyrannical policies coming to roost.  It will hurt and it will devastate.  And there is likely no way around it at this point.  Those who brought us here will continue to prolong the inevitable but they too will get run over.  Some however will flee.  It’s what cowards (they would say survivors) do.  The parasites have turned our leaders into parasites but our leaders too will fall victim to the much more experienced parasites that have held our nation host for longer than it could bear.  I urge you to not be caught surprised by the downfall of this nation.  Prepare for what is coming… whatever that may be…..