I woke up today after getting ten hours of sleep last night.  For me this is extremely unusual as a typical night’s rest for me is anywhere between three and five hours.  I’m not sure if it’s the extra sleep but I had an overwhelming feeling to watch the sky this morning.  The day is a typical northerly early fall day.  Temperatures are not terribly cold but grey clouds have taken to the forefront of the sky.  Winds have picked up and the sun is cowering in the background acknowledging its lost prominence to a new more formidable season.   The sun’s summer soliloquy coming to an end without so much as a single ovation.  Noting this inevitable transition made me think about the world and how we as humans, such a tangible stimulus on the great forces, relate with the world.

Now certainly we interact and thus impact the physical world.  If I start a fire in the woods I burn down a forest and so of course we impact the physical world.  But for some reason this morning I’m looking further down the rabbit hole.  I wonder whether the world and humans interact through consciousness.  Descartes writes about the duality of mind and body arguing they are separate and distinct.   But looking at the grandeur of the sky this morning I question such a dogma.   One might expect that something so enduring so seemingly omnipotent as this planet to have an ability to fully comprehend all that has been created from it.  And thus the ability to both prosper with and defend against its creations.  We are only here because the world made it possible.  And so one could imagine some mysterious cognition whereby the creator keeps its eye on that which it has created so to speak.  Does the world understand our consciousness, our motives and our intentions?

I watched a documentary last fall while recouping from an injury and was laid up in bed for an extended period.  It was not something I would normally have been drawn to but I was running out of documentaries.  The basis was that collective consciousness creates an empirically observable and statistically significant affect on the world.  Being a statistician I thought well holy shit, this sounds implausible but interesting nonetheless.  Sure enough The Global Consciousness Project had collected observable statistically significant data suggesting collective human consciousness does in fact have observable affects on the most intricate threads of the physical world.

Looking further into it I found that this group of scientists make available their studies with data and analysis.  What this group has done is put together a global network of random number generators that through quantum tunneling generate completely random sequences of zeros and ones.  The network of random generators is dispersed in various population centres around the globe.  The scientists then compare levels of randomness during control periods or ‘quiet’ periods in the world against ‘event’ periods to see if there are statistically significant differences in randomness or essentially if the event periods replace the randomness with pattern or structure.

Event periods are things that elicit a global response.  For instance 9/11 was an event period that we know captured that world’s attention or consciousness.  That is, the entire world was focused and emotionally absorbed in the events of the tragedy.  The statistical expectation is that the random number generators being based on the physical would continue to produce random sequences of zeros and ones.  However, what was observed was that the randomness subsided and a statistically significant amount of pattern of zeros and ones was being produced within hours of the second tower collapse.  Meaning that as more and more people around the world became aware of what was happening in New York the randomness of the physical world started to give way to pattern.

9/11 is one of many events of consciousness that have been analysed with the same result.  Now it is important to understand how the random number generators work in order to understand the theory of what is being proposed from the results.  The random number generators produce random sequences by observing randomly moving quantum particles that exist in the physical world.  The sequencers assign either a zero or one to the quantum particles based on their movements at any given moment.  And so when we see the random sequencers assigning zeros and ones in patterns it means the physical particles themselves (i.e. the physical world) are no longer moving randomly but are taking on a pattern of movement which seemingly correspond to major events of human consciousness.  And so it would seem that large collectives of human consciousness have an observable and real impact on the physical world.  Now this is the theory, which seems to have statistical evidence on its side.

It makes me wonder what is in store for us if the world does in fact have some unknown and mysterious metaphysical cognition trained on us, our thoughts and our motives as a collective.  When we step back and take a look at the world what do we see?  Are we proud of what we’ve become and of the path we have laid down ahead of us?  Do we see our motives intellectually, spiritually and physically as productive and worthwhile?  Are humans of the world being lead toward enlightenment or destruction?  When I see the world today I see overwhelming propensity for war and intolerance.  I see profits replacing morals as the primary basis for our actions.  I see small groups of unconscionable men and women leading humans in a direction most on their own would never agree to.

This all makes me wonder, mustn’t the world have some metaphysical mechanism to defend itself from one of its creations that has become malignant?  Is extinction the world’s inherent system of disposal for those creations that no longer progress the greater overall system?  I really don’t know but I believe in absolute truths and I believe morality is an absolute truth.  I also believe that when one refutes the absolute truths of the world one should not expect absolution.  When I watch these incredibly grand examples of nature all around us as I did this morning I am overcome by a bittersweet sense of both comfort and fear.  I am comforted in the fact that we as humans, in all our hubris, are but children playing a made up game in the back garden but I fear that we are missing the point of our existence and that this ignorance will come to roost for the coming generations.

I guess the takeaway is not so much deciding if the world has a consciousness but for all of us to ensure the path we take, not only as individuals, but as a collective of humans aligns with our individual conscience.  That we don’t allow our busy lives to forego our responsibility as humans to ensure our existence as a collective is the existence we want to pass on to our children.  We the people must dictate our actions as a collective, our behaviour as a collective and our future as a collective if there is to be any hope of a brighter future than what we see around us today.  This message needs to spread amongst the collective.  It starts with you.