A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

This is a piece I wrote last year for Ron Paul’s Voices of Liberty.  Now although mainstream media has all but put a gag order on 9/11 memorial coverage, I believe this article’s message has never been more relevant and so I’m posting again at what is obviously poignant time.  I find it odd that we have 10 Hollywood blockbusters made each year about the holocaust 75 years on, but only 14 years after the event American media will no longer discuss 9/11, even upon the anniversary.  It is perhaps the most telling phenomenon about the secretiveness and mystery surrounding the horrific tragedy.

It was the sixth week of my first job fresh out of college. I was still eagerly excited for each new day. Having moved stateside from a small town in Canada to finish up university and then on to the big city of Chicago, I was still in awe of America. I was working in the north building of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange on the corner of Madison and Wacker. It was early morning and I was on the phone with Paul Salvio from our New York office when


the phone went dead.

The day was September 11, 2001. Our New York office was on the 92nd floor of the World Trade Center Tower 1. None of the employees who had arrived to work that day survived. It is a moment that elicits strong emotions within me to this day and I know I’m not alone.

In the days and weeks that followed, while the world came together to mourn those lost and to condemn those responsible, our policymakers in Washington were working feverishly to find opportunity in this tragedy. Forty-five days after 9/11, President Bush signed into law the U.S. Patriot Act.

The implication of the ironically titled bill is well described by a report published in March 2009 by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). The report, called  “Reclaiming Patriotism,” suggests that the Patriot Act “fundamentally altered the relationship Americans share with their Government.”

Politicians took advantage of a moment of extreme duress for the American people to push through a bill that not only breached the spirit of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights but also directly contradicts the rights guaranteed under the 1st and 4th Amendments. The Patriot Act gave powers to the executive branch of our government it was never meant to have. Such restriction of powers was mandated by the founding fathers through the legal framework of which this nation is governed; a legal framework of which each legislator is sworn to uphold upon taking office.

The ACLU’s 2009 report provides an interesting and unintended perspective on the fundamental dangers of the Patriot Act because it was published prior to revelations made by National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden. Note the following excerpt from the ACLU 2009 report:

“Worse, it authorizes the government to engage in this expanded domestic spying in secret, with few, if any, protections built in to ensure these powers are not abused, and little opportunity for Congress to review whether the authorities it granted the government actually made Americans any safer.” ͥ

But such fears were repeatedly calmed by those who were handed the authority over and entrusted with such powers.

And so, we see, concerns about Patriot Act abuses at the time of the ACLU report were only hypothetical and thus easily and reassuringly refuted by those in charge of the surveillances being done under the authority of the Patriot Act.

And then Edward Snowden entered the room….

Snowden revealed that not only were the very abuses predicted by the ACLU taking place but they were part of a larger and well defined strategy that had been intentionally hidden from the American people.

Many of the surveillance programs revealed by Snowden are part of subsequent legislative bills that fall under the umbrella and authority of rights granted by the Patriot Act. In a sense it has become the “Pandora’s box” against the rights and freedoms of the American people. Since the Patriot Act opened the floodgates, we’ve had a steady stream of bills further expanding the (illegal) powers to those in charge.

The claims that these programs are unlawful are not simply laymen opinion. Several courts across the nation have heard various cases and determined that many aspects of the programs are in breach of the U.S. Constitution. ͥ  Yet, no one has been prosecuted and the programs under the Patriot Act not only continue but are expanding.

History and common sense tell us that those in power will always attempt to beget more power. Several independent studies prove that these programs have very little impact on protecting Americans from terrorism while the Snowden leaks evidence the wide abuses taking place for political motivations. The Patriot Act has become the enemy it claims necessitates its existence. It is the most prolific form of terrorism against the American citizenry (and many of our allies) today.

The argument so often touted by beneficiaries of the Patriot Act is that trading freedom for safety is an acceptable trade. That argument is not only invalid it is unsound. Freedom and safety are not mutually exclusive and even if they were the slippery slope aspect of such way of thinking makes it a false proposition. If you haven’t done so, you must fully examine the Snowden revelations to comprehend the extent of the tyranny authorized and enacted by the Patriot Act and its subsidiary Acts.

Let me bring this to a sharp point for any who have yet to feel it—a terrible thing happened to this nation on 9/11 that none of us expected ever would. We felt vulnerable for maybe the first time within the borders of our nation, the strongest nation on this earth. It changed many of us in very profound ways. At that point, in that moment, all we wanted to feel is that it would and that it could never happen again. And so we entrusted our leaders to work together on implementing policies that would ensure our freedom be safe from those who want to take it from us.

The Patriot Act was sold to Americans as a shield to defend our freedom, that it was to ensure our rights as guaranteed by our constitution and the Bill of Rights would be safe from evildoers. However, the sad reality is that our leaders took our moment of need as an opportunity to further enhance the powers of the state over the power of the people. We know this now thanks to some incredibly brave and heroic Americans like Snowden who gave up their individual freedom to defend the freedom of a nation.  It is on the rest of us now to stand up to the tyranny of those whose interests are narrow and selfish and whose lies and deceit represent the most monumental and immediate threat to our freedom.

19 thoughts on “A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

  1. Admittedly it is a very difficult situation. If our government could actually run in “full” integrity, I would be more open some surveillance of people within our USA borders. But increasingly, our government including SCOTUS has proven time and time again that we are not making decisions based on the citizenry but on personal bias, greed and political correctness.

  2. Jew Israel did 911 and all world wars and all ongoing wars. Those who do not name the enemy by name are complicit in their crimes.

    1. Israel rules nothing. It has only existed since 1948- get a brain. Neo-Nazis only discredit the Patriot Movement and are the scum of the Earth. Anyone who worships a genocidal maniac doesn’t deserve to breathe my air space.

  3. Mr Thad Beversdorf, you are entirely deceived by fraud, the CIA fraud hoax of ‘Edward Snowden’ – yes he is totally, clearly blatantly fraud, as well known to global governments, that is why Switzerland denied him asylum, they know he is fake, as Putin has been hinting. You are also deceived by the corrupt ACLU, which supports US judge bribery & the ‘Man Boy Love Association’ while helping to silence a& destroy real dissidents.

    Snowden and his media are a murderous trap for genuine dissidents – Snowden ‘revealed’ NOTHING, ‘stole’ NOTHING, there were 5+ previous NSA whistleblowers with the same material relegated to ‘conspiracy’ sites.

    There are maybe already several dead whistleblowers silenced after being tricked into contacting ‘Snowden journalists’ and media, such as Rothschild employee & ex-gay-pornographer Glenn Greenwald, or trusting Snowden’s oily promotion of the ‘Tor’ fake-anonymous & CIA-NSA-friendly ‘dissident anonymous’ browser … fake ‘Liberty tech’ like types of ‘hush e-mail’ etc

    The Snowden hoax is beyond any doubt if you read the intel reports on him in Europe, available online, ‘FSB SVR Reports, Snowden, Greenwald are CIA frauds’. Ditto the practice run for him, Julian Assange of Wikileaks (who is probably NOT living as claimed at the Ecuador Embassy in London, but moved in & out by Britain’s MI5 agents for his photo ops & meetings).

    Understanding the Snowden fraud is key to how people are betrayed & undermined & duped & murdered by a fake ‘leader’ … supplied by CIA’s own media!

    Shills like former US Justice Dept chief Eric Holder, are already in stories ‘Snowden coming home soon’ under a fake ‘deal’ of US gov & Snowman’s CIA handlers.

    Anti-9-11-truth Snowden & Assange were both promoted by same CIA newspapers, NY Times & Rothschild UK Guardian. Ex-gay-pornographer, anti-9-11-truth Glenn Greenwald who worked for Rothschild & Bill Gates & now is paid by CIA billionaire Pierre Omidyar, has done little except promote Snowden bla-bla, Snowden also directly linked to Dick Cheney via Cheney’s pal biographer, CIA Bart Gellman at WashPost. Snowden’s USA ‘lawyers’ are all CIA-tied goons – Plato Cacheris, Bruce Fein, ‘Man-Boy Love Association’ ACLU scammers who scorn real dissidents.

    Snowden, Assange, Greenwald, & their media & lawyers & ACLU all refuse to discuss, support, or connect with the cases on corruption of US judges – who are the same judges whom Snowden & Assange claim to fear seeing in a USA ‘trial’!

    Nothing was really ‘new’ in Snowden revelations except media hype and a few project details – previous NSA whistleblowers had covered all this surveillance stuff before, tho without media blasting as in the Snowden fraud, a hoax which has multiple goals, including general intimidation & terrorisation of global governments & citizens, & support for CIA media … & proving how quickly even people of ‘opposition’ can be easily duped by sales pitches of familiar sleazy CIA media liars like NY Times & London Guardian.

    Snowden & Assange try to dupe real dissidents & whistleblowers to trust Wikileaks, Greenwald, NY Times & Guardian … How many good people have Snowden & Assange already helped murder, whom we will never know about? How many have been caught and silenced after trusting the Snowden-pumped Tor browser? Meanwhile, any real dissidents are de-legitimised as people think, ‘If what you are saying is true, you’d be famous like Snowden, and Glenn Greenwald would be covering you!’

    Intel professionals note that liar Snowden has been unable to hide the facial signs of taking pleasure in deception, i.e., his ‘duping delight’ smirk … Vladimir Putin, getting positive publicity for playing along, has been openly hinting that his guest Snowden is fraud, but the world is too dumb & duped, too eager for a CIA-supplied fake ‘hero’, to see the facts.

      1. Since you asked, simply; control, Tom. This is well past your post, but maybe you’ll be alerted.

        We’re mere commodity, exploitable as energy for them. Of course it goes much deeper, but then one must look at what’s hidden below surfaces. The occult. And like it or not, admit the idea of it or not, it exists and exerts control over us overtly, daily. Skull and Bones at Yale isn’t of someone’s imagining. It’s a secret cabal of diabolic influence and power in the heart of academia. It has counterparts in all institutions of learning right down to nursery school. The NSA, CIA, DIA, DHS, FBI, etc., are all realities of massive scale and advanced technology designed for civil control.

        Most ordinary, decent humans of even well above average intelligence aren’t going to readily accepting the idea of the capability of absolute invasiveness into our lives by an international cabal controlled executive echelon of government(s). Except that we have all this evidence that it’s true. In large part, because we’re just relentlessly socially conditioned to an opposing paradigm of ‘normal’ expectations. It’s reinforced religiously by full spectrum enculturation of beliefs. Read the work of Antony Sutton, a brilliant man and true academic, if you care to know who controls America. Start with America’s Secret Establishment: An Introduction to the Order of Skull & Bones.

        Do you know anything of the origin and evolution of the Frankfurt School? Its derivatives became principal tools for a vast complex of applied mind-control technology that gained momentum under the Nazis and then incorporated into postwar US by CIA Op. Paperclip induction of thousands of senior Nazis into high echelons of intelligence, academic and industrial establishment by actors like the Dulles brothers, Prescott Bush and other prominent American fascists. Read Carroll Quigley’s Tragedy & Hope, if you care to know the lineage of global power structure from an insider perspective.

        Public education in America was literally overtaken through the Rockefeller Foundation and its many adjuncts simultaneously with deployment of the numerous covert MK Ultra mind-control sub-projects that used both government personnel and civilians here and abroad as pharmacological and electronic technology experimental lab rats for social policy development and political control.

        Joseph Mengele was a pioneer for our institutions of psychopathic psychiatry. Read John Marks The Search for the Manchurian Candidate as well as The Cult of Intelligence. Then you’ll know who and why to practical degree.

        All this was publicly exposed by the Church Commission as pressure relief to give the impression of critical governmental oversight, but was also a controlled co-option of legitimate congressional civil intent to restore rule of law. It just buried the programs deeper in the darkness of black-op intelligentsia.

        We’ve been beset by black-op initiatives for a very long time. If you study the history and lineage of intelligence services from about 1900, although modern development predates that by well over a century, you would understand and be able to identify the trade craft of corruption, co-option, manipulation, usurpation, coercion and murder as routinely employed, ..as it is right here. For further historic insight read this free recent e-tome by academic David Livingstone:http://www.conspiracyschool.com/sites/default//files/Terrorism_Illuminati.pdf

        It just isn’t how ‘normal’ average people think. We live in a literal matrix of programmed deception that never rests. It’s not paranoia. It’s the way it actually is and why is as nearly all consuming a pursuit to simply understand. The cinematic Matrix is a close analogy to the actual degree of separation that we normally experience perceptually from what actually is.

        It takes a journey into basic concepts of quantum physics to get to the holographic nature of our true perceptual state. That, then, lends to understanding how vulnerable we as humans are to electronic manipulation, given the vibrational frequency foundation of what we perceive as ‘real’. It’s really critical to get that clear. Metaphysics is just a gradient measure of quanta.

        I digress. But, suffice it to say, as is clear by the thousands of ‘normal’ Americans and others who went work on Sept. 11, 2001 that didn’t come home, to their personal horror, as buildings and aircraft and their human lives disintegrated, many realized only too late that they had missed the many warnings about what caused the losing of their lives. Lies and damed lies.

        Their horror should be ours in conscience and consciousness in its aftermath. The questions we should ask are not impossible to answer, just very difficult to accept when we do find them. The truth is here to be found, we just have to be willing to expect and accept the program of ridicule that awaits all those that persist.

        But, facts are facts. Look around at all the typical ad hominem attacks on ‘truthers’. It all means the same thing: dead trolling give away. No one wants the truth if it doesn’t seem to serve their interests. That’s why so many us willingly live a lie. It’s so much easier resisting truth than confronting it.

        Good luck with that, Tom

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