Ah Yes the Roaring 20’s….

For any who think I’m being overly pessimistic lately sorry but you’re wrong.  Now I understand Obama came out about a month ago and publicly told Americans that we just need to be positive.  And yes I do believe happiness is a state of mind.  However, that doesn’t mean you ignore the policies that degrade that state of mind.  It is difficult to carry on care free when the policies of our elected representatives continue to steal wealth from the working class and deliver it to the richest amongst us.  We even hear Fed governors now beginning to admit these Fed policies are hurting the working class and rewarded the wealthy with more wealth.  Look at what Dallas Fed’s Fisher has to say about the Fed policies since 2009:


If the Fed’s own principals are aware of this phenomena and publicly admitting to it shouldn’t the rest of us stand up and take note???  I mean come on folks.  Nobody is going to stand up on your behalf.  That is obvious.  So when one of the elites throws us a bone let’s jump on it.  Use this to say hey, “what the hell is going on here”.  Have a look at some figures from the IRS on who makes what in America.

The bottom 50% get only 12.75% of all income in the US.  The top 10% take almost 50% of all income.  The real issue with this is of mathematics of income distribution.  Imagine an economy where 100 people in the economy make a total of $100.  Now let’s say the typical person will spend $2 dollars per year if they made that much and they would save the rest.  So then if 10 people in this economy made  50% of the total income, so $5 for each of them and the remaining 90 people split the remaining $50, so $0.55 each.  What this means is that a total of $70 will be spent (i.e. used to generate more income via money multiplier effect) and $30 will be put under the mattress or into the stock market.  However, if each person received $1 then all $100 would be spent and thus put to use creating new income.  Now I’m not advocating everyone make the same.  I’m only showing that as more income becomes distributed among less people, it becomes harder to generate growth (mathematically speaking).  At some point (and I don’t know what that is) income distribution will hit a critical point under which economic growth will be impossible no matter how low interest rates are or how much money is printed.

We are close to the point now as despite unprecedented amount of money being printed over the past 6 years and interest rates at 0% for 6 years we’ve not once in that time reached 3% GDP (the amount that historically has been sufficient to maintain quality of life standards) in the US.  This fact suggests we are nearing that critical point at which no amount of stimulus will create growth.  The policies need to be redirected to expand income distribution.  And I don’t say this on some moral or social basis.  This reason is purely analytical.  In order for the nation to sustain a level of economic growth so that living standards can stabilize income distribution will need to expand from this point.  The only other point that income distribution was this narrow was at the end of the roaring 20’s right before the Great Depression as seen in the following chart.

It is no coincidence the largest income gap in our history immediately preceded the largest depression in our history.  There are mathematical laws behind the phenomenon.  Folks these are not made up facts and figures like the ones you get from the TV pundits and politicians.  Look into these facts.  Do your research and what you will find is that you are, by way of apathy, allowing the elite class of rulers in this once great nation to pillage your wealth and they are doing it slowly and methodically while overloading you with messages of economic success and pep rallies for the great recovery.  The reality is there has been no recovery and there will be no recovery.  What is happening and will continue to happen is more and more income and wealth will end up at the top of the food chain.  That income and wealth is not newly created but transferred from the working class.  The boom and subsequent busts allow the nation’s wealthy to purchase assets at 10 cents on the dollar during the crashes.  They then create the boom periods where they sell them only to pick them back up for pennies on the dollar during the next inevitable crash.

This is your country folks.  The men and women in charge work for you.  They have convinced you otherwise but we can and, I dare say are obligated by our founding fathers, to take back the nation.  We pledge allegiance to the flag but the flag is not our nation.  We should all have sworn loyalty to the Constitution first and foremost.  The government is not our country and we cannot feel unpatriotic to challenge our government.  Our founding fathers gave us the gift that is the Constitution for the very reason that they knew governments inevitably become corrupt.  And so they gave us the legal framework to dissolve any government that loses its way; that loses sight of what America is about.  And folks it is glaringly apparent that this government has lost its way.

Take it upon yourselves to make a difference next month in the election process.  Forget about ‘party politics’ as it is a farce.  Politicians laugh at we the people as we bicker amongst ourselves as they realize the party system is a red herring.  We fight amongst ourselves while all politicians rape and pillage our nation of its once glorious character.  We need to rid the system of corruption.  No one politician will make any difference whether he/she be red or blue.  The system is what needs repair.  Let’s start by ridding the system of career politicians.  Rather than voting for a candidate, make your vote a vote against a career politician.  If we do this we take the first step to taking back this once great nation.  If we do this we will shock and inspire the world with one action on one day, united as one people, Americans.