All the signs of an abusive relationship

The sad truth about the state of the American citizenry is that we do not know the truth about anything.  This kind of statement is typically quickly shrugged off by most Americans who simply do not want to deal with the cognitive dissonance created by acknowledging that so much of what we are told by our ‘leaders’ so often turns out to be lies.  When some reporter or some document surfaces proving we again have been lied to we the people simply accept that our place is to be lied to by a government who’s role is to lie to us for our own good.  If your child lies to you what do you do?  If your spouse lies to you what to you do?  When people important to you lie to you and the lie is discovered is your typical reaction to ignore the incident?  I expect for most we do not ignore blatant lies that have been told to us upon their discovery.  So why is it that we so readily accept being lied to on essentially a constant basis about almost all aspects of the happenings of our nation by those who are hired to represent us?  It truly gives merit to the sociological concept that people most certainly can be moulded.  That is, one’s natural state can be redesigned to accept unthinkable abuses by those who are supposed to care most for us.  Our relationship with our government is analogous to an abusive domestic relationship.  The abused wants wholeheartedly to believe the abuser, although perhaps slightly unorthodox about their love, does indeed do what they do out of love and concern for us.  And so we, as abused partners do, do our best to shrug off the abuse as concern for our best interest.  This alleviates the cognitive dissonance that we would otherwise have to grapple with.  And yet for those outside the abuse there is only one solution, to end the relationship.