Arguably American

Last night John Kerry, bless his little black heart, sat for an interview on NBC’s “With Brian Williams” to light up Eric Snowden.  Throughout the course of the interview Kerry used words like “Coward”, “Traitor” and “Come back and man up”.  I can’t help but choke on the insidious irony.  Here is a ‘man’ (and boy do I use that term lightly) that clearly has sold himself to the neocons.  Today’s neocons are a particularly foul flock of parasitic politicians whose sole purpose is to use whatever is left of American power and wealth to achieve a set of objectives completely contradictory to the constitution and to the well being of the US citizenry.

Last night’s interview is a perfect example of the Orwellian double speak that neocons propagate.  They call Snowden both a coward and a traitor because he has highlighted criminal activity against the American people that is being used by neocons to further their interest in creating a world in which they alone have full control.  I mean really step back and think about what Snowden did.  He thoughtfully not recklessly gave up his life as he knew it to inform the American people that we were being lied to, spied upon and robbed of freedoms and rights that were guaranteed to us and that we had previously taken for granted.

It astonishes me that the American people can be so easily hypnotized by criminal politicians into believing the opposite of what is blatantly staring them in the face.  So many Americans choose to believe the criminals (that have been proven by no less than three different courts to be criminals) rather than the patriot.  It sickens me to the point I no longer want to be grouped with these people.  I am not like them.  If the neocons and those who blindly and ignorantly drink their Kool-Aid have hijacked the term American then I am not an American.  An American once upon a time was a strong, independent person full of integrity willing to stand up and fight for the rights and ideals guaranteed to them by founding fathers who were equally committed to the rights and freedoms for which so many men and woman have since fought and died.  But today’s American seems to be a person willing to accept the pillaging and lies so long as the perpe-traitors keep them comfortable; to the rich more ways to attain ill gotten riches and to the indolent an unending alternative to self sufficiency.  Americans alone are responsible for what is coming.  Do not look to point the finger when the culmination of criminality comes to its inevitable end but rather look in the mirror.  The perpe-traitors will, like parasites do once they have finally overwhelmed and killed the host, take what they have stolen and move to a new host.