Be the Change


Despite all the excitement over the market, which is at all time highs, talk about the rest of the nation is pretty quiet.  And I expect this is not just an oversight by all major media but an intentional instruction from the powers that be to not remind the sheep that times are not robust.  But rather to keep our focus on the only thing in the US that is currently positive.  Yes the markets, we get it, all time highs.  Great.

There are so many material issues we are facing right now as a nation.  We have the south west nearly out of fresh water. All of California is in a drought and almost the entire state is suffering severe drought conditions. Full time jobs are at the lowest level in 15 years. Disposable incomes have been declining for the same duration. We saw today that the world now has the most billionaires ever.  52 new billionaires of which are right here in the US while at the same time the US also lead the way for a record amount of poor. That’s right, 46.5 million people now live in poverty here in the US. Housing is booming, well houses above $750K that is, all other real estate is on the decline. So we see a real definable schism, the haves and the have nots. And this is definitely becoming more defined. So given all this how do Americans actually see the direction of the nation? We rarely hear about all the negatives facing the nation over the roar of the all time high markets and so are we just blissfully ignorant of it all?  Well have a look at Gallup’s latest poll of American’s satisfaction level with the direction of the nation.

US satisfaction

You can see American’s are not happy with the overall direction of the nation.  And how could we be?  War mongering, debilitating debt levels per household and nationally, lack of a substantive full time labour market, decline of our freedoms and a widening of the gap between rich and poor with the middle class disappearing.

So if we the people are aware that the direction of the nation is an unfortunate one why is it we do nothing about it?  Is apathy also bliss?  We are in an election year and rather than all of the 73% (4% unsure) who are decidedly dissatisfied with the direction of the nation coming together to vote out these criminals we will bicker amongst ourselves.  Those on the right will finger wag at the left and vice versa, while the politicians get fat and laugh at us poor indignants.  Are we really so bloody stupid??  It’s been going on for far too long.  And the criminals in DC these days are getting far too bold with their thieving and power grabbing to continue on this path.  73% of us recognize we need a change and if you’ve forgotten that’s enough to make a change.

In 2008 we all looked to the suave Barack to lead that change.  But that is a fallacy.  The only way change can happen in this nation is by way of the people.  That is a certainty.  And so let’s lead the way.  Let’s be that change.  Let’s not finger wag at each other.  Let’s simply act by way of vote to rid the nation of the incumbents to send the message that change is upon us.  We the people are taking back the nation.  It is really that simple.  Your coordinated efforts to vote out the incumbent regardless of their party line because remember there is no party line to politicians.  Party line is simply the mechanism of funding.  Namely, whether it will come from public institutions or private corporations.  Beyond that politicians all align themselves to enrich themselves with money and power.  Let me give you an indefensible example.  Legislators made huge fan fare when they took away their right to insider trade after the ’08 collapse.  But then they quietly gave it back.  See an except from an NPR report from 2013 (

But on Monday, when the president signed a bill reversing big pieces of the law, the emailed announcement was one sentence long. There was no fanfare last week either, when the Senate and then the House passed the bill in largely empty chambers using a fast-track procedure known as unanimous consent.

In the House, Majority Leader Eric Cantor, R-Va., shepherded the bill through. It was Friday afternoon at 12:52. Many members had already left for the weekend or were on their way out. The whole process took only 30 seconds. There was no debate.

Do you see how incredibly efficient these folks are when it comes to ensuring their unique advantageous positions as ‘Politicians’ not right or left.  We must acknowledge that we are not at war with each other but with those taking our rights, our freedoms and our wealth.  Be the change.