Begs the question

This is one of those topics that truly shows me there is nothing that will make Americans stand up and say enough.  We the people are willing to accept absolutely ANYTHING that our legislators can throw in our face.  We most certainly have lost any sense of shock, disgust, dismay and concept of what it is our legislators are meant to be doing.

It is no secret that money is politics.  But we the people seem to have lost ability to understand that legislation is not politics despite politicians trying to blur the very pronounced line between the two.  Legislation is a required function of society, it’s a job.  Meaning legislators go to work each day because there is a necessary function that needs to performed and there is a value on that function, which is why they get paid.  They get paid at a level equivalent to the value of the production and importance of the function they perform, like any job.  The issue we the people should have is that 2/3 of a legislator’s day is spent fund raising.  Huff Post published an article last year that included excerpts from a PowerPoint presentation given to newly elected legislators during an orientation.  This presentation included a typical daily schedule of activities and 2/3 of the day is to be spent fund raising for the next election cycle, and that starts on day one post election victory.

This begs the question that if 2/3 of a legislator’s day is spent fund raising, which adds no value to the function of legislating doesn’t that mean we should be able to reduce the amount of legislators by 67% and still get the same amount of essential work done?  Yes it does.  So why is it that we the people all recognize that a vast majority of their time is spent on matters that directly distract from their job function yet we are willing to keep them on as paid employees.  We see companies downsizing everyday now.  HP is toward the end of a 50K person layoff, IBM just announced another round of layoffs to the tune of about 8K employees, etc,. etc.  Why is it that legislators make it abundantly clear that there is clearly not enough work for the amount of legislators yet we don’t treat them the way our employers handle such a situation.  We pay these people with our money derived from taxes.  If this was considered a business we would necessarily layoff 67% of legislators.  However, because we the people seem to be so disenfranchised from rational thought when it comes to government we allow them to do absolutely anything they feel they can get away with, which in turn is anything they want.

Everything that we hate about the current state of this country is directly a result of we the people allowing it to happen.  We the people are responsible for the state of the state we have today.  We have no excuse most especially that the state has made us too comfortable to demand integrity, yet I do believe we are too comfortable to care.  And so we follow the path of so many ‘great’ nations before us down the rabbit hole toward an inevitable and tumultuous end.  And remind yourself, when things get bad and you are looking for someone to point a finger at, that it is you that is to blame.  Not some greedy banker or some corrupt legislator or someone surviving on welfare willing to simply feed off the state, you are the reason this end is here.  The absolute truth of that proposition necessitates that you also then have the ability to direct a different end.  We the people (you are very much included that) are directly responsible for the state of the state, now and forever.