Dual Citizenship

I recently came across an article indicating that almost 10% of both houses of congress and perhaps 100 senior appointed policy makers (folks like Richard Perle who headed the Foreign Policy Board appointed by ‘W’ Bush in 2001)have dual citizenships.  Looking into this it seems that most of these folks were neither born in their non American country nor did they reside there for any significant period of time.  So these folks reached out to a foreign country of their own free will from an apparent allegiance derived by something other than birth or long term residence in that nation and told the country they would like to be considered citizens of that nation.  Now I won’t post the list of folks here but anyone can look into this matter easily enough.  Whether all the names are accurate I’m not sure but many policy makers have been open about their dual citizenships so the concept is real.

My concern is how does one serve two masters?  Quite honestly I’m not too bothered by the average citizen carrying dual citizenships even if there is no seemingly natural reason for it.  But I am bothered when it comes to our nation’s policy makers swearing allegiance and loyalty to a foreign sovereignty.  I was going to explain why this could be a problem but as I began typing an explanation it dawned on me that there is absolutely no reason for me to explain.  Everyone understands why this is a huge conflict of interest.  Perhaps we can ask if it has posed real problems.  So let’s look at it.  Perhaps if all these dual citizens were dual with a wide array of foreign nations the concern could be muted due to lack of concentration of foreign allegiance meaning a small probability of any one policy maker’s ability to sway a vote.  However, the reality is that these dual citizens seem to be dual with the very same foreign nation.  So we have a 10% concentration of domestic-foreign loyalists setting policy and legislation in America.  I would suggest this does represent a large enough concentration to sway votes.

Well so let’s look at specific examples.  One example is that this foreign nation is a wealthy nation (ranks in the top 25 in per capita PPP and GDP), however, they are the top beneficiary of US aid, topping $3B per year.  The goofy thing is that the political action committees tied back to this nation are a top donor to American political campaigns.  So the American tax payers are sending $3B to this nation each year and they in turn are using that money to buy off politicians back here in the US, one can only assume to keep the money pouring in and beneficial policies continue to get passed.  Ukraine is another example.  Americans neither want nor benefit from an involvement in Ukraine.  However, if you look into the funding of the staunch legislators who push for US involvement into Ukraine you see they are funded by the foreign tied PACs.  And so we have legislators pushing for policy that Americans do not want and that in fact hurt America economically and politically.  Let me give you an example of one such legislator.  Kelly Ayotte.  She has been one of the most aggressive callers for American military intervention in Ukraine.  If one researches her political career one finds that her largest political donors have been loyal to this same nation as the 10% of duals.  And so you can see how the money that flows from American tax payers flows back to American legislators who then push policies that are not beneficial to America but to the dual nation.

I guess the point here is that when we allow our policy makers and legislators to swear allegiance to another nation we set ourselves up for a very obvious disinterest to the American people who have sworn allegiance only to America, who have bled, been disfigured and died for America and her people.   Folks we are being led by a ruling class and agenda that has very little consideration for the interests of the American people other than pillaging her strength and wealth.  It is happening before your very eyes.  The arrogance is so rife at this point, their lack of respect for your integrity and intelligence is such that they feel as though there is no need to even hide it from you anymore.  You can all look into this on your own and I encourage you start making yourself aware of not just this issue but that of the overriding trend of ignoring you, the true solely American citizen.

Anecdotally, I lived 19 or my first 20 years in a foreign nation.  I was a teenager before I realised I held an American passport.  I moved back to the US in my 20’s and despite having strong love and support for the country in which I was raised I hold only an American passport at this point.  Can we not hold those who are setting the course of our nation to the same standard and expectation?