Fed Admits Job Market is a Wreck…. Dow hits All Time High!

On a day when the Fed Chair finally admits that the 6.1% unemployment rate is a farce and that the Fed must press on to deal with the persistent job market weakness the Dow Jones Index rises to a new all time high.  If I was on stage with a mic I would have just dropped it and walked off.  What else needs to be said.  Six years of printing the hell of money and despite the fraudulent U3 (civilian unemployment) figure we have very few people making a living in this country, which mean there is very little disposable income in this country, which means there is very little expected growth.  But in a world where the Fed cannot seem to pull its all knowing head out of its ass, jobs and consumer demand are simply not necessary to push markets to all time highs.

The real crux here is not even the market being mentally challenged.  The real issue is that the Fed obviously still does not understand that they are causing the persistently weak job market!!!!  They have created a risk free stock market with absurd return levels.  You would have to be an absolute moron of a CEO to build a damn factory and add employees, a very risky investment with no consumer demand in the marketplace, rather than simply returning that money to a Fed backstopped stock market.  Where in the hell will the jobs come from when everyone knows the best risk/return asset is the stock market??  This is not rocket science.  I am just absolutely god smacked by the utter shocking stupidity or flagrant deception (take your pick) by this privately held entity that controls our money supply and thus inflation.  Our society is been torn apart by a small group of ivory idiots with an objective that has nothing to do with the good of the American people.  It honestly appears there is nothing anyone is going to do about this circus.  We are going to watch this thing blow up 100x worse than we saw in 2008.

There has been almost no improvement in the overall economy since the credit bubble burst.  This time the leverage is larger, the jobs are less and the country is completely insolvent.  Further the demand for the dollar is in decline with several nations and US corporations expanding the use of the Yuan while reducing the use of the dollar.  Folks I cannot make this point any clearer, the Fed is destroying this nation one additional dollar at a time.  Our legislators are in cahoots because they know you don’t fight the Fed, not in the market and not in the political arena.  Yes folks your 401k’s might be rising at the moment but they were in ’07 too.  The only way out is another round of destruction and it is coming.  Hold on to that ‘O SH!T’ bar as tight as you can and hope that you have prepared your fiscal house accordingly.  God Speed my friends…. god speed.