Heeeere’s Ronnie!: A Summary of My Chat With Ron Paul Today

So I got a chance to chat with Ron Paul today.  Quite an honour.  This is a man who spent three decades as a legislator without ever taking a dime from lobbyists.  He also never contradicted himself in his voting record over more than 30 years.  Yet in his runs for the presidency he was chastised by main stream media as unelectable.  If that is true, if this type of man is unelectable then we truly stand no chance for the future.  We’ve elected criminals like Nixon, morons like Bush Jr., elitists like Bush Sr. and whores like FDR.  Given this history, to suggest that a man who has never faltered in his stance, never sold himself to special interests, always voted according to the constitution and the interest of the nation, is unelectable would seem to signify we are past the point of no return, headed straight into the abyss.

Ron has more hope than I do, which is inspiring yet a little confusing.  I expect if I had been the epitome of the ideal American legislator yet treated as a nonsensical utopian I would be less engaged, less hopeful and certainly less inspiring.  I asked why he felt legislators are passing seemingly endless legislation that appears to give government the authority and logistics to shackle American citizens here at home on American soil?  Did he think they were acting maliciously or out of skewed beliefs or incentives?  My take is that these folks have a different set of interests and are boldly going after those interests in the face of what’s good for the nation.  That they see the end is nearing and they are preparing their end to remain safely on top.  However, Ron said he believes that not all politicians have become inherently evil.  He believes there are plenty of politicians with good intentions but that many of them are being lead down the wrong path.  His recommendation is for the people to get them back in line.  People, he says, have the ultimate ability to vote these folks out of office and at the end of the day politicians want to remain in office and will therefore listen to people when they are serious enough to vote their conscience.  And I guess that makes sense.  If I know I can both keep your vote and sell you out I may do so.  However, if I know that by selling you out I lose your vote and thus lose my power I am not so inclined to sell you out.

The other topic we touched on was economics… go figure.  What may be the smartest economist this country has had for 100 years was not getting away without some econ chat.  I reminded him he very accurately predicted the collapse of ’08 way back in 2000.  In a congressional speech he explained exactly what was going to happen with the housing market, overall demand, and ultimately the collapse.  Almost to the day he laid it out correctly.  So I asked how he sees our current economic dislocation playing out.  Here he was not quite as hopeful.  In a nutshell he feels the problems heading our way are worse then what he saw coming in the early 2000’s.  He didn’t give a timeframe but intimated it was nearing and that it would be extreme.

Well so some hope and some pragmatism from one of the greatest Americans in modern history.  You can see some of this discussion and more over at www.voicesofliberty.com.