Lessons Not Learned

We as a modern day, wealthy and ‘informed’ society seem to be falling into a very familiar pattern repeated from the beginning of the human social order.  It is interesting to me that human social behaviour has developed or evolved in such a manner so as to lead to its own breakdown.  That’s not to say leads to the end of humanity but of a particular social sovereignty.  Most folks are familiar with the concept that all great nations fall.  However what is particularly troubling is that so few people try to understand precisely what leads to this common end.   And perhaps even more troubling is why each great nation fails to accept its potential inclusion in such a seemingly innate fate.

All societies are built upon a set of axioms that create a foundation from which the state will rise.  The United States has its Constitution and the Declaration of Independence that quite clearly lay out a set of laws and principles from which the state will rise.  Canada has the Charter of Rights and so on and so on.  The United States separated from Britain due to what a few strong leaders understood as oppression by corruption.  From that understanding they created a foundation that would provide a legislative framework to prevent it happening later on down the road.  It is apparent that the framework was laid out so concisely because those individuals recognized quite specific patterns of human social behaviour that eventually leads to a breakdown and were attempting to head it off as such.  They did not deny the behaviour would happen or even try to prevent it from happening but created the legal framework to dissolve those responsible for corrupting the process by those being oppressed by the corruption when it does take place.  However, what the founding fathers failed to recognize is that as the state deteriorates so too does the populace.  An analogy is a hospital whereby the doctors become corrupt which creates a worsening condition for the patients but having a policy that relies on the patients to take corrective action against the corrupt doctors who have not yet been weakened but have only weakened the state of the patients and as such the hospital overall.  One can see the shortcomings of this design.  Not to say creating the legal framework was anything less than brilliant it just missed a very important factor.

The breakdown begins with a few leaders who recognize there is potential for personal gain in powers beholden to those who have been chosen to build and maintain the well being of the state.  This catalyst behaviour can be pinpointed in many fallen nations, for instance Mark Anthony, Augustus and Nero in Rome in the first century AD.  Certainly the US is no different.  However, a few men acting in self interest does not take down a nation.  So then what does take down a nation?  Well a few men in key positions can corrupt a process.  Once the process becomes corrupted the cancer is able to spread.  It is key to note that the process is being corrupted strategically and not randomly.  That is to say there are thinking beings designing a corrupted process so as to prolong their ability to further corrupt the process.  Their goal being self interest and thus the longer they can maintain a position providing the means to act in self interest the more personal gain they can accumulate.  Again we can pinpoint certain acts of legislation that were done in pure self interest by particular legislators and their pursuers over time. One such example is that of our central banking system.  Several very well respected presidents including Jefferson, Lincoln, Jackson and Kennedy were quite vocal about the inherent destructive nature not to mention unconstitutionality of a private entity being handed the right to print notes backed by absolutely nothing on behalf of a sovereign nation and lending those notes to the people of that sovereignty for an interest charge.  This is exactly what took place in 1913 when the Rothschilds, Morgans, Rockefellers, DuPonts and a few other power families came together (the same families that OWN the FED, yes OWN the FED, remember it is a private company no different than any LLC) on Jekyll Island to write what became the Central Banking Act of 1913 signed into law by Woodrow Wilson who later feverishly explicated his regrets for such a horrible deed.  The point is the legislation was created for a particular narrow interest and it can be tied back to a significant negative inflection point within the US.  The US government constitutionally is the only entity that has the right to print currency for its people, however, the creation of the FED created an unnecessary middleman that takes a small cut of every dollar printed (one laughable aspect is that the FED only instructs the US Treasury how much to print and then charges them on each dollar the Treasury then prints on its own presses). At the same time the FED was created, the 16th Amendment was signed into law, namely income taxes, which was required to pay for the interest the FED would be charging the US for printing its own currency. A large portion of income taxes collected in the US today go to pay the shareholders of the FED for interest they earn on each dollar the Treasury prints on its own presses for its own currency. But I digress. Let’s not get caught up on the FED issue only.  Today it is difficult to pinpoint any legislation that is not done out of some particular micro interests.  The result of such wide spread legislative corruption is very much the same oppression as the FED charging the people to use currency they in all rights already own but on an even broader scale.  That is to say as legislation ignores the well being of the state over time the state degrades.  Legislation or laws and policies governing the state are the foundation of the state.  When they no longer address the state for the good of the state but for the good of a few the foundation begins to show cracks and eventually crumbles.

Does this mean all legislators are evil?  Well not entirely.  Many good men and women attempt to do good things in politics.  (And remember, the objective of this is not to discredit politicians as such, but to understand why all great nations ultimately fail.)  However, the existing process in the US is such that it has evolved over time to rid the process of any loopholes that would prevent legislators from maintaining the objectives of self interest.  It also rids the process of good men by either pushing them out or changing their stripes. To understand this research soft vs hard money in politics. If you want to stay in power you have to play the game.  Period.  Even the lobbyists feel abused by the nature of politics today.  Do note that none of what I’m banging on about is new to the world.  All of this can be researched on your own accord and accounts that I have made many others too have made.  One significant key piece of the process is to keep the populace dumbed down.  Feed them their information on idiot shows that are easy to find on television and have intermittent idiot programs that appeal to their lowest common character so as to keep them wanting more (similar to serving salty peanuts at a bar) and at the same time have them feeling ‘informed’.  The only real way out is for the populace to become educated and to see things as they do rather than as the media describes.

Take today’s overall economy and compare and contrast the actual facts with the reported state of the economy on television.  Today in America we have only 62% of working age citizens participating in the labour force.  That is the lowest since recording the data.  We have the highest amount of citizens receiving some form of social assistance from the government (now more than 50%).  The calculation for GDP was recently amended to improve the numbers being reported which is rarely mentioned on television when the new figures come out as though we can compare these to the old figures with any sense of meaning.  Media tells us how profits are at all time highs but does not mention the distribution function of profits has narrowed to all time lows negatively impacting citizens on a broad scale and also alleviating money velocity which has an exponential negative impact on growth of an economy. These are the devils in the details and many don’t have the training to understand but they do have eyes and a mind to see and understand the reality of what is going on around them.  Unfortunately, their own senses are being subordinated to the ‘information’ flow coming out of the media.  Most folks accept the media as an authoritative figure on information and so tend to discount their own experience for that which comes to them by way of television. This is part of the process corruption.  Would it shock anyone to know that the same families that own the FED are also the largest shareholders of the major US media networks?  So we have a few families that control the nations money and its media.  I’m sure nothing untoward could happen there eh???  The only good thing about corruption is that it very rarely is difficult to spot if one’s eyes are open and mind turned on.  At the end of the day the forefathers had the foresight that we would find ourselves here one day and gave us the legal framework to do something about it.  As a favour to yourself read the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.  I expect it will lead to a moment of clarity.