NSA Spying, Immigration Amnesty, Obamacare It’s All Legal Just Ask a Legislator

Perhaps the most important lesson that could have come from the Swiss gold vote regardless of which side of the vote you were on was that the Swiss people had a vote.  What the Swiss provided to the world through their referendum was a clear example of democracy.  As so often is the case the media led the discourse from beginning to end and failed to hit on the real moral of the story.

Over the past several years we have become desensitized to the government deconstructing the constitution.  They sit in front of a senate or congressional hearing panels and tell us blatant lies as to what they’re doing or lies about having authority to do the things they are doing.  For instance, so often those who run the NSA get their large teams of lawyers to make arguments that the areas are grey and that it is in their opinion that everything is being done under legal authority.  Blah Blah Blah.  And I guess my point is legal authority is not provided by their team of lawyers.  Legal authority is what the American people decide it should be.

Therefore regardless if some DC lawyer sits in front of a camera and says, actually we are allowed to be doing what we are doing, the American people need to realize they are the superseding authority on the matter.  And if a vast majority of Americans feel strongly that the government does not have legal authority to do what they are doing they need to make that clear.  We are effectively allowing criminals to come before us, after stalking us and pillaging our freedoms and money, and explain to us that its ok because their hired lawyers have looked into the matter and determined every things fine.  In what world does that happen??  Do you think it would work for you if you walked into an IRS audit trial and simply have your lawyer say that she’s looked into the matter and everything is legal that the IRS or judge would simply say ok?  Of course not.  So again why do we always allow our legislators to play from a separate set of laws simply because they say it’s ok.

Another blatant example is insider trading law.  Legislators made a public spectacle in 2010 about withdrawing their legal authority to trade on inside information, which is illegal for all Americans.  However, very quietly in 2012, legislators reversed the move and reinstalled their ‘legal’ right to trade on inside information in a late Friday afternoon session, which took the Bill less than 30 seconds to be passed unanimously.  This is such blatant corruption it is sickening.  Yet we the people allow our legislators to act in anyway they deem reasonable.  And so until the American people decide that they are going to step up and take on the responsibility that the constitution mandated them, the corruption will continue to accelerate.

I truly believe legislators today recognize almost complete apathy from the American citizen on most issues.  With help from the media, government can essentially get away with anything.  They are very aware that the worst backlash they might be subjected to is that the American people talk about it by the water cooler for a few days until the media creates a new distraction and then its gone in the blink of an eye never to resurface.  Are we too busy?  Too lazy?  Too comfortable to care?  What is it that makes the American people, a once incredibly ambitious and concerned demographic, become so completely docile and apathetic?

The government has become the mightiest parasite we’ve ever seen.  They have actually taken over the host i.e. us.  Their lifeline is our vote and our money.  Yet they utilize both only for their own interest.  This isn’t some extreme view from a fundamentalist on the edges.  Think about it.  Public polls show that on the major issues Americans are in almost complete agreement on things like Ukraine, Iraq, NSA, immigration, etc..  Yet our legislators carry on as though we have not spoken on the matter.  That our voice is cute like a 4 year old trying to partake in an adult conversation.  Surely we don’t understand any of these matters fully.  And so while it’s cute that we’re attempting to play our part in the democratic process by giving our representatives the policies that are to be represented, in the end they feel the policymaking should be left to the adults in the room.  And when one looks around, the country is a bloody mess.  So it’s not even that one can argue well hell they’re doing such a great job, let’s leave it to them until they mess up.  No.

The country both domestically and internationally is in the worst state we’ve seen in modern history.  And so I urge you, do not accept the legal justification from the criminals.  That makes no sense whatsoever.  Don’t allow the media to decide what issues you will focus on. Use your constitutionally mandated rights to ensure that your money and your vote are being used for your best interests.  Or continue to watch the once greatest nation on earth degrade into a pile of rubble.  Because it won’t be long now.  History makes that very clear. We are well on course for falling victim to the superpower paradox.