“Oh Well” Or Should I Say “Or Well”

The attached link really speaks for itself but humour me for a few words….  Being an ardent disbeliever in any conspiracy theory over the years I might have looked past this latest intrusion into our natural rights as humans.  However, these types of acts by ‘representatives of the people’ without any public discourse (and I am a Chicago resident who does pay attention and was not aware of this program) really makes me wonder if there isn’t a grandeur plan in play.  Last year we heard about a plan organized by mayor Bloomberg (a prominent member of several NWO societies) to get mayors throughout the nation to coordinate an effort to reduce the rights granted by the second amendment.  The NSA supported programs to hack into personal webcams to record inside the homes of private citizens (this is a fact that has gotten zero air play in the US but was one of the more grotesque albeit necessary leaks by Snowden).  The ‘government’ continues, almost daily, to legislate more centralized powers by the few over the many.  The list goes on and on.  And so it is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore the logical inference that there is an effort to put the many in a role of subservience to the few.  I know I go back to this all the time but the forefathers had the foresight to know that governments will become corrupt over time and gave us many rights, even primitive rights like bearing arms, to provide us the ability to defend against a small group of men and women attempting to control the many under the guise of government and for ‘our own well being’.  But I digress…. please take a moment to read the link to a disturbing story from ZeroHedge.


For a glimpse of what this type of controlled society might look like point your latest and greatest streaming content provider to Demolition Man (1993).  I dare say if Sandra Bullock is present maybe not so bad eh??