Perception Is Not Reality


I find it difficult to point out what should be glaringly obvious observations regarding the system in place of which we all take part.  For some reason when you try to point out things that are both apparent and important people tend to think you are a conspiracy theorist.  That you are delusional.  That you’ve listened to or read too many kooks just looking for something to get worked up about.  And don’t get me wrong I get there are those that simply jump on any issue that sounds anti establishment and bark about it without ever understanding what the hell they are talking about.  But there are those that have awakened and are doing what they can to awaken others.  I do see there is a growing awakening throughout the country.  A small acceptance by a few that maybe there is something terribly wrong.  That said, the ‘masses’ still seem to be very much under a spell whereby they accept the façade of what this nation looks like through the modern day American spin machine and dismiss the calls to reality.

Some of the real detailed stuff can get very technical and it is difficult to describe and explain things at that level so that everyone can really grasp what is being said.  But I feel if we just step back and look at things from a common sensical standpoint removing any preconceived notions and just observe you really don’t need the gritty details.  A great example is the political system here in the US.  Almost everyone agrees that politicians lie all the time simply to get votes.  We agree that the idea of lobbying is simply a legal mechanism for what should be an illegal act.  We know very well that money not issues win elections.  We see both sides of the aisle rearranging districts once in power to manipulate voting results in their favour.  Hopefully we’ve noticed that legislators, despite making a big public display about removing their exemption to insider trading laws during the economic crisis, very quietly in a midnight legislative session reversed it back so that they can again insider trade.  The point is we all see these things happening.

You and I can think of one thousand more examples that normal everyday common sense screams corrupt, illegal, unfair, self interest, putting themselves above the law and inevitably driving this nation into the ground at an ever increasing rate and yet we don’t do a damn thing about it.  And when someone tries to point these realities out, so many folks simply dismiss them.  I’ve heard many even say “yes I agree but you know it’s not that bad.”  What the does that response even mean?  Has the typical American become so comfortable and sure of our immortality because we are America that we can accept that the fundamental functions and systems have become ridden with cancer yet still believe everything will be ok?  It is not only incredibly ignorant but worse it is suicidal.  Like lemmings following each other over the cliff except we are being told ahead of time that there is a cliff ahead and if you run over that cliff you will not survive.   And yet we continue to run toward the cliff.  Have we devolved back to the state of lemmings??

A very smart Lee Atwater strategized under the notion that perception is reality.  He found out the hard way what reality is all about.  And if you know the story you know how horrific reality can be especially to those who live in a world of perceived reality.  Ignoring cancer does not negate its inevitable end.  Untreated the cancer spreads and eventually the body weakens and dies.  We have left the nation’s cancerous corruption unchecked at all levels of society (government, financial, economic and cultural) for far too long.  Many agree we are already in stage 4 and the end, at least as we have come to expect life to be, is inevitable.  But you must still fight to survive.   The difficulty however is that we are in stage 4 yet don’t believe it so there will be no fight.  What was once a great and idyllic nation has succumbed to the fate of so many other great nations and in one thousand years students will read about America’s quick rise and fall as we have read about many great nations before us.  I implore all who do seem to understand the state of the state to do at least all the little things.  The only solution is to educate and activate.