Philosopher Kings Meet the Wizard of OZ

Isn’t it amazing how crises work here in America.  The land where even the disasters are staged.  For those who believe that things here in America or anywhere occur simply out of happenstance I’ll need you to outstretch your favoured arm nice and wide and then make a fist and finally now swing your fist into you chin as hard as you can.  There now let’s carry on.

So in the third trimester of the third quarter the nation was on track to miss the 3% GDP estimate.  And so we had a blitzkrieg of politicians and media blast us with news of the biggest threat we’ve ever faced (ISIL – for those of you just coming out of a coma).  The president himself went on television to ask the American people for their backing in asking congress for more money to spend on fighting the big threat.  And so sure enough an additional $30 billion was allocated to defense spending just before the end of the third quarter.  And what significance did this have on GDP?  Well it pushed GDP from 2.8% annualised growth (below the all important 3%) up to 3.5% growth.  Amazing and what a stroke of luck that out of nowhere we had this very necessary reason to spend that additional $30 billion just before the end of 3Q.  Funny thing is that same massive threat seems to have disappeared from our lives just one month later.  I guess timing is everything eh?

Then let’s take a look at the Fed and its confusion between a market and an economy.  James Bullard, St. Louis Fed Govenrnor on October 9th publicly stated that it was likely time to end QE3.  At the time markets were at all time highs.  Within a week of that statement markets had collapse by 10% and were continuing to sell off.  Well Mr. Bullard suddenly popped back up and publicly stated that we should delay the end of QE3 or perhaps implement QE4 as the economy was showing signs of weakness.  Hmmm interesting that a $17 trillion dollar economy can swing around from strong to weak in the course of six days.  Well not two weeks later Mr. Bullard came back out publicly stating that no, no actually we don’t need QE4.  Funny coincidence is that his latest call that everything is fine came as the market again reached new all time highs.  I have trouble accepting the largest economy in the world over the course of 3 weeks moved from a strong position to a weak position and then back to a strong position with such velocity that it required the Fed stepping in suggesting that tax payers would again be required to print trillions of additional dollars.  Certainly the Fed wouldn’t take such drastic steps light heartedly or to simply champion the market to all time highs?  One could certainly make that case without much argument I expect.

How about that Malaysian passenger jet that was shot down by…. well we will likely never know.  However, there are a slew of devastating economic sanctions still in place against Russia from the immediate aftermath of that tragedy when all western nations pointed blame on Russia.  The odd thing is that after the facts were collected the US politicians and media dropped the topic like an ebola ridden rat.  A lesson I’ve learned from astrophysicists is that while we can’t always see an object itself we can still understand an object by observing how things we can see behave around it.  And so although we may never know how that passenger jet was shot down there are some things we can quite accurately understand about the event from observing the behavior of those things around the matter.  For instance, note that immediately after the tragedy the western media and politicians were on a relentless witch hunt for Russia.  One could not turn on the news without hearing about how Russia had shot down a passenger plane killing almost 300 innocent victims.  And yet somehow, subsequent to the facts coming out and not quite lining up with those accusations the story has altogether disappeared from American dialogue.  No politicians speak of it nor the media and thus Americans themselves have almost no ability to discuss matters outside the major media disinformation flow.  And what it tells me is that the facts must not point to Russia or point to anything that the western nations could use to their benefit otherwise we know absolutely they would be using it.  And if it doesn’t benefit them well it must hurt them.  As such, one can quite confidently infer that it was a western ally if not a member state itself, that is the responsible party.

I could literally go on almost forever listing out examples of government manufactured events.  Things from the fairly mundane to horrific tragedies.  The government and its agencies truly believe they are fully justified in controlling every aspect of the globe.  And now think about that because I’m not saying that off the cuff.  Western politicians have come to wholeheartedly believe their role to be philosopher kings embodied as wizards behind the curtain controlling outcomes and making the ‘tough choices’ the rest of us are not capable of understanding.  And so they rationalize the lies and deceit because of our inability to comprehend the means or the ends.  As the Fed has stated now many times since 2001 it will use ‘language’ to guide market behaviour in a way it feels is best.  What that is really saying is they have an obligation now to lie to the public because they are now mandated to do so as it is in the interest of the public.

All of this is in line with the fact that we are now a nation subordinated to our government.  They have different sets of laws than the rest of us.  They have authorities to withdraw our constitutional rights simply on their say so and they don’t have to prove it because we’ve lost our rights upon their say so.  And yet we go about our days choosing to ignore such facts, convincing ourselves that everything is going to be ok because they have always been ok.

We try very hard to suppress the warning signs all around us that this nation is heading in a terrible direction.  One where citizens are classified as CI’s (citizen internees) and DC’s (dislocated citizens) which are terms pulled directly from a government procedure manual instructing the military on domestic operations how to detain citizens that are deemed disobedient and a threat of civil unrest.    If you think I’m making this stuff up I implore you to do the research yourself.  You don’t have to dig very deep to discover these truths.  This is the grim future your apathy is providing for your kid’s kids and so on.  I say this all the time and I’m sure it is frustrating to hear.  People ask me “well what do you want me to do about it” all the time.  And my response is something, anything just don’t ignore it; don’t deny it and stop playing along which only legitimizes it.

The nation has a vote today and I fully expect to see a vast majority of career incumbents retain their posts.  And so the nation will have failed again to make a difference.  We play our part in this rigged game every time and in every way.  Our founding fathers gave us the ability if we so choose to come together as a people of the nation and defend her against the corruption of those who have made our government their playground; a place where power is traded for wealth.  There is no denying that fact.  We all know it.  Yet the majority of us succumb to our lowest most primitive instincts of sticking with ‘our own kind’ no matter what the merits; republicans for republicans and blue for blue; the nation be damned I won’t vote for one of them, never.  And so down the rabbit hole we go.

2 thoughts on “Philosopher Kings Meet the Wizard of OZ

  1. Don’t know about your comment on Russia. It’s more like between the sanctions and our manipulation of crude, there is nothing more to talk about. Their commodity dependent economy will now implode without further help from us.

  2. There is a clean fix.
    America needs a plan –
    1. That grants citizens the same access to liquidity (free money that was provided to major (domestic and foreign) money center banks through the Fed’s various liquidity ‘facilities.
    2. Provides for massive debt relief at the family level.
    3. That positively reincentivizes work.
    4. Reduces the scope of government.
    5. Revitalizes the economy.
    6. Treats all Americans equally – regardless of race, ethnicity, sex, or socioeconomic status.
    7. Restores economic liberty in America.

    One plan delivers: The Leviticus 25 Plan

    $70,000 per U.S. citizen.
    Recapture provisions generate $1 trillion+ surpluses for each of the first 5 years following enactment.

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