The Brutes Against the Brutes – Brilliant

Kids these days…..   So the Trump rally in Chicago was successfully disrupted by mostly young and socio-economic despondent protestors who have, unknowingly, been turned into pre-programmed anti-Trump warriors by the Oligarchs they claim to hate (yes is fully funded by the Oligarchs, look it up).  The very same mentality that naively fell hook-line-and-sinker into Obama’s message of “Change, Yes We Can”.  Now many of these protestors today are simply too young to remember the 2008 Obama campaign for what it really was; the greatest fraud in the history of American politics (and wow is that saying something).

However, this time around there are millions of Americans who do have the benefit of recent history still burned into their hearts.  Millions of previously naive, young voters devastated by the deceit of politics, leaving them scorned are now ready to fight the Oligarchs and the bought and paid for Executive and Legislative branches of government.  Citizen soldiers are a key component of any revolution.

Remember, Trump supporters are not die hard fans of Trump per se, they are themselves warriors ready take back their nation.  And I expect if push comes to shove, which apparently is dead set on making happen, Trump supporters will respond in kind.  And so perhaps the violent revolution begins.  The unwavering wave of support against the establishment is not a light hearted movement.

And while a group of young, angry protestors, organized by those who will discard them without so much as a deep breath beforehand, appear steadfast they will soon find out what it means to be on the wrong side of right.  While they are rightly ready to fight, they are wrongly allowing themselves to be manipulated in believing their fight is with Trump.  For Trump and Sanders are the same movement anthropomorphized in different bodies.  And through Trump and Sanders the bloodshed need be directed at the oligarchs.

I’m not a proponent of violence but in a world that has become indifferent to the horrors of inhumanity after 15 years of continuous pre-planned illegal wars paid for by US dollars it is not outside my comfort zone either.  If the moment is upon us well so be it.  Let’s do what we must to drive the proverbial wooden stake into the black hearts of the sociopathic psychopaths that have transformed America into their own private golden goose of money and mercenaries.

But talk like this makes people nervous and the oligarchs count on the masses’ “better sense”.  That is, they have created a system that produces a perpetuity of ill gotten gains they then use to prevent any sort of uprising.  But they too have read the history books and so they understand the ancestral instinct to be free.   They therefore quietly pass laws that allow “dissident citizens” to be deemed threats to national security simply by uttering those words.  “You are a threat to national security”.

If you hear those words directed at you by any government commander it means you no longer have any constitutional rights.  A fact that was made law by way of executive order 13528 in Jan 2010 and that will have you placed as a “civilian internee” as described in the follow-on Feb 2010 Operative Manual and solidified by the National Defense Authorization Act, signed Dec 31, 2011 by President Barack Obama from his vacation rental in Kailua, Hawaii.  You will have lost your right to due process, Habeas Corpus or any other protections guaranteed you by the Bill of Rights.  Everyone should read the following two articles that do well to explain the matter here and here.

It appears the plutocrats themselves are awakening to their own limitations of omnipotence over the world.  Their ability to falsify the economic well being of the developed world has deteriorated so sharply so quickly that what was once a threat scenario theorized by The Council of Governors has become a reality, manifesting through the likes of Sanders and Trump.  But revolts can be crushed and that is the strategy of; simple and utter brutishness.

Recognizing the standard program of propaganda via main stream media attacks failed to sunder the sound of revolt it was time to ratchet up the defense of the oligarchs.  And so through Soros et. al will corral those that depend on the state for survival and physically deploy them to disrupt the developing inertia of a larger movement.  From their perspective it is fighting (the) unrefined with (the) unrefined; that is, Sanders’ disciples against Trump’s disciples with the hope that they will destroy each other in grand revolution super nova, not soon to be forgotten by more moderate cattle.  Now where this will lead, who knows.  But certainly the early indications are not dissimilar to the early indications of some of the great epiphanic moments of human history.

14 thoughts on “The Brutes Against the Brutes – Brilliant

  1. … and I bet you think the various Tea Party groups were financed by “grass roots” activists… lol!

    1. Karl Denninger ( was the founder of the Tea Party movement which was originally a protest against bank bailouts. In his own words it was hijacked by the Republican establishment and morphed into guns, god and gays. So yes in the very beginning it was a pure grass roots movement.

      1. Someone feel free to double check my memory, but I think that the first modern Tea Party gathering was in Austin, TX, December of 2007, in support of Ron Paul’s bid for President. And yes, it was as grassroots as it gets.

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