The Foul Smell of Hypocrisy

I’m going to do something here that many do not dare to do.  To speak against the Israeli Lobby within the US.  It seems to be that there is a foul smell of hypocrisy when it comes to America and its relationship with Israel.  Let me give you one very clear and current example.  The US is barraging Russia and essentially forcing the EU to go along with sanction after sanction.  The US claims the sanctions are in response to Russia’s support of the separatists in eastern Ukraine who have voted to secede from the Ukraine.  While at the same time the US is not only vocally but actively supportive of Israel’s demolition of the Palestinians, a group of people who’s land of 1500 years was taken from them post WWII based on an argument that Palestine belongs to the Jews because God says so in the Torah.

Now if one educates oneself on the matter one realizes that the stories contained within the Torah, as in the New Testament and most other holy ‘divine’ books are all the same stories that were passed down over hundreds and sometimes thousands of years.  But let’s not even go there.  Let’s just look at the fact that the Israeli’s are slaughtering a race of people under the guise of weeding out terrorism.  A term that has also been used to describe the separatists in Ukraine.  The idea being that anyone called a terrorist automatically becomes a rightful target for death by the side calling them a terrorist as long as the side calling them a terrorist is on the side of either the US or Israel.

I looked into how the Israeli lobby became so powerful in the US and it is interesting really.  First, let’s note that the Rothschilds, Rockefellers and Morgans among others have been vastly influential Jewish families in the US for hundreds of years and have been so due to their money.  It is money that creates power in the US and the Israeli lobby is no exception to this rule.  The lobby was founded by Rabbi Abba Hillel Silver with half a million dollars as the American Zionist Emergency Council.¹  It ramped up its fundraising under an organisation called the United Jewish Appeal the Zionist movement which had raised hundreds of millions of dollars by the mid 1940’s (billions in today’s dollars).

It was Truman who ultimately agreed to back the state of Israel, which was to be taken from the Palestinians who had been on that land for 1500 years.  Truman was initially against the idea of taking land from the Palestinians.  However, Rabbi Silver, the founder of the American Zionist Emergency Council sat in Truman’s office and threatened him that Dewey (Truman’s election opponent) was backing an Israeli state and that if Truman would not that the Zionists would run him out of office.  The reality was that they could have run him out office.  They had enough money to make it happen.  The Zionists recognized early that money mixed with grass roots efforts worked well against politicians.  Truman later admitted to making a mistake similar to Woodrow Wilson, who signed the Central Banking Act into law in 1913, both later indicating that a small group of powerful men were driving American policy to the detriment of the American people.

The point of this is that the Zionist lobby has been around for almost hundred years and has had incredible influence over American politicians and thus American policy.  The problem is not that American policy happens to support the Zionist cause per se but that it does so without regard to the American people.  This is not an argument that we should or should not support Zionism on a moral basis, but that we should not consider Zionism to be a mandate of our nation.  That is, our founding fathers laid a clear framework out that was to focus on the well being of Americans, and only Americans.  The use of tax dollars and military might of the US to enforce the well being of any other nation is morally wrong as an American policy maker as defined by the founding fathers.  It is far worse when such policies actually hurt America as a nation and its people.  In effect we are hurting our own nation to help another nation, in some sense that is nothing short of treason, by definition.

At the end of the day, what I truly hope is that Americans look into the relationship between America and Israel and ask themselves why is it that we blindly follow the aspirations of Israel and Zionists?  What benefit has come to the US throughout her blind backing of Israel and if none is found then to take an appropriate stand.  Even if such a stand is to allow yourself to change your mind on what up to this point for many Americans has been a spoon fed perspective that if opposed is punished with accusations of being a hater of Jewish people.  Admiring Jews, as one should all people, is not mutually exclusive to believing America should not concern itself with a Zionist agenda, making no judgments about such an agenda other than it is not in our interest one way or the other and thus should not be a part of our mandate, one way or the other.  Most of the facts I discuss above can be found in a book by Edwin M. Wright, a diplomat and professor of Middle Eastern affairs during the 20th century, called The Great Zionist Cover-Up.²  I urge everyone to read that or at least do your own research on this increasingly important issue.  Be educated and then decide where you stand.  That’s all.

Coincidentally the Times of Israel just published the transcripts of a call that took place today between Obama and Netenyahu.  Link attached.  But do note that the US is supporting the Israeli’s in the offensive both financially and weaponry and yet there is almost no regard for Obama’s position on this offensive by Netenyahu.  Amazing that he realizes the amount of power the Israeli’s have in the US.  So much so that despite America’s funding to Israel of more than $3B per year, Netenyahu understands that he doesn’t have to accommodate the US’s request to a ceasefire.

As a point of interest to lend credence to the notion that all who oppose the Zionist agenda are not Jewish hating crazy people, Albert Einstein himself was against the creation of a Jewish state and was open about his stance.  This can be found in various letters and commentaries but perhaps most telling was his rejection of the offer to be the second Prime Minister of Israel.  Alberta Einstein was an anti-nationalist and believed nationalism lead to dangerous human behaviour. ³