Wanna See the ‘Trick’ in Trickle Down??

In the chart below I’ve indexed real median personal income against real corporate profits (before tax w/o adjustments) to the beginning of 2009, the point at which central bankers implemented trickle down economics to rescue Americans from the largest gov/banking policy induced disaster in the history of the world.   Let’s have a look at the results of the bankers trickle down strategy….

Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 11.50.58 AM

Go figure eh….  Anyone think moar QE is the answer??  We just won’t know unless we keep on trying I suppose… says Ms. Yellen and the Business Roundtable (click to see many of the very faces of those that reached their shifty little hands into the ass of the golden goose and pulled out trillions of printed dollars but left trillions in debt obligations for your grandchildren).

Anecdotally, for those of you that rarely leave the city, I was in a small town in Indiana not too long ago.  I stopped to get a bite to eat and prefer local diners to fast food.  Problem was almost every shop in what would have been a quaint downtown was boarded up.  I asked a lady if there was still a place to get a bite to eat in town.  She pointed me to the last shop at the end of the row.  I went in, sat down, ordered some food and couldn’t help overhearing the guys talking at the table next to me.

“I’m really hoping to get onto the second shift soon”, says one guy.  The other guy responds, “yeah me too man we (family) could really use that extra $0.75 an hour”. 

I immediately texted some broker buddies in Chicago and New York and relayed the conversation I’d just overheard, with the caption…. “I just overheard what everyday Americans are talking about….”

The reality is that while most folks who are reading this may find it difficult to empathize, the vast majority of Americans are scratching for any extra $0.75 an hour they can find.  At the same time CEO’s and highly paid bureaucrats continue to tout policies that have enriched themselves beyond the wildest dreams and comprehension of the average American.  Yet they promote these policies as being in the best interest of the working class.

And although you may be comfortable with your current financial sector job it to is but a fleeting position.  Today you are fine but tomorrow you too will be scratching for whatever cash you can find. There are very few who will not be impacted by what’s already been set in motion.

7 thoughts on “Wanna See the ‘Trick’ in Trickle Down??

  1. Hi and yes I am aware of much of what you discuss although not all. But the thesis is well covered. I have argued your matrix point often as a dual existence (real and perceived). My hope is that the fatal flaw within the monetary system takes hold before the powers that be solidify a stranglehold on humanity. I expect a complete breakdown economically creates enough discomfort so that the masses revolt whether they have become enlightened or not. But only time will tell.

    1. Careful when you wish for ‘fatal’ consequences to systemic issues, admin. But while the ‘stranglehold’ may not be absolute, it need not be to effect what’s targeted for practical purposes by the perps. Time always tells its tales of hard times to its victims too late to much matter.

      Nevertheless, it’s quickly coming down to global extremes of both contagious cause and pandemic effect. The FED financial control paradigm is at last imploding and as evidenced by Yellen’s silly pretense as guiding savant saviorette to avert economageddon, she’s helpless but to further release monetary constraint to negative wonderland ala; Helicoptor Ben’$ aerial di$pen$ing $olution. Volatility: it’s what the FED’s designed to cyclically produce to benefit its members.

      So, last stop for civil stability without full police state deployment is now here. Jade Helm practice pre-season is now over. The great socioeconomic horror show is about to commence in full as algos go HFT wild dispensing with all would-be discipline save that of market implosion and last-gasp hyper-inflationary nuclear option detonation.

      Next stop; THE NEW WAY. Picture a waving Poppy Bush hologram tattooed to your forehead right above your RFID implant as your final exercise of non-choice over option B. The Radiated, Nuclear Winterized Russian Front or C. FEMA Soma vacation and soylent green camp.

      Look! His lips move, ..and his scratchy, little, whiney, nasal voice emits an endless repetitive chant of.. ‘Read my lips; ha, ha, ha, 6,6,6, N W O’ mission accomplished!

      Seriously, we’re in real trouble.

    2. As Warren Buffett famously claimed. “[T]here’s been class warfare going on for the last 20 years, and my class has won.”

      I don’t believe the stranglehold on humanity that you mentioned in your post will be loosened anytime soon. And those masses in revolt will learn very quickly what “militarization of the police force” means in starkly real terms.

      The goal of power is to force others into subservience. The duration of the feudal system in medieval Europe or of serfdom throughout almost the entirety of China’s history shows that rigid financial and military subjugation, once imposed, can persist for a very, very long time. I suspect our last chance to avoid this fate ourselves was in 2008, when we allowed our representatives in congress to shield the financial elite from suffering the just desserts of their machinations. The power elite could rightly judge this to mean that the masses were powerless to resist their increasing repression. At this point, there is little that needs to be done other than putting out a few scattered brush fires while waiting for mathematics to finish the process.

      I don’t see the “fatal flaw” in the monetary system taking hold, but an ever more thoroughly controlled financial system and social system with the military and police acting as enforcers.

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