We All Know the Definition of Crazy

So recently I put together a video mashup about the US government’s handling of September’s Biggest Threat Ever.  I was looking to highlight the absurdity and asinine strategy to a solution of a self created problem.  Americans were told by several media sources that it was us, our military and government, that funded, trained and armed Syrian Rebels that then became ISIL.  Our solution to the problem was to arm, fund and train more rebels to defeat ISIL and to throw in a little kicker to the Saudi’s and Israeli’s and overthrow the Assad administration in Syria.  And well I know there was really no way to foresee what would actually be the outcome of such a well put together strategy but as the Telegraph reports these new Syrian Rebels that we funded, armed and trained have now surrendered and joined ISIL.

At what point do we the people recognize our government is no longer capable of making good decisions that are for the benefit of we the people.  When will we recognize that our government has become completely dislocated from their role of representing the people of this nation and to defend the constitution (the two mandates of our legislators).  If we the people would rise from our slumber we have the ability through our vote to collapse the system of corruption and cronyism that has become the Federal government.  Or we can continue to shake our heads or bury our heads every time these ivory tower idiots do something else to hurt us and this nation.  Is there anything at all that will wake Americans from their current comatose?  Nations around the world have been standing up to their corrupt governments over the past 5 years yet here in America we’ve completely handed our nation and all that it stands for over to a small group of exceedingly corrupt power hungry fools.  And somewhere along the line we have attached a sense of nation to our the government.  The reality is that the founding fathers actually warned us that government does not equate to nation and in fact we must always defend our nation from our government.  Think about that.  We’ve been given all we need to know in order to do what needs to be done and yet here we are not doing anything.