What’s Good For The Goose Is Cause to Shoot the Gander

First of all let me say what complete unarguable traitors Harry Reid and anyone who continues to vote for such a great example of what’s wrong with the American legislator truly are.  When guys like Harry Reid continue to get voted into office it’s hard not to believe America is getting its just due.  Now onto my point….  The hypocrisy of the American legislator is becoming so blatant and so ridiculous the American citizenry seems not to even pick up on it anymore.  On one hand, our trusty legislators (via our ‘free American press’) are relentlessly drilling it into us that despite potentially kicking off WWIII we cannot allow a foreign government to land grab from a group of people who claim they have right to that geographical area.    Yet on the other hand those same legislators are tying to convince us that here at home an outside government has the right to forcefully take over a geographic area from a group of people who claim to have right to it.   So we are willing to light the wick on WWIII to protect the rights of a foreign populace that has no impact on America or its citizenry but here at home protecting a group of people from a land grab by an outside government would be considered treason and domestic terrorism.  The world in which these two perspectives can exist can’t exist.  What’s good for the goose is not cause to shoot the gander.