Wow!!! The Fed Gives A Giant Fuck You to Working Class Americans!!

I was shocked today by the absolute gaul of the Fed releasing a statement about Net Worth in America reaching record levels.  Now I get that they are under extreme pressure to sell the story that everything is rainbows and butterflies.  But surely they understand that working class Americans are going along with the story because they really don’t have any say in our nation’s policies anymore.  That doesn’t mean they want it thrown in their faces that the Fed has spent 6 years now inflating the wealth of the top 10% so much that it actually lifts the total wealth of the nation’s citizens to record highs.

The ugly reality is that the bottom 80% of Americans experienced none of that gain.  That’s right a big ole goose egg.  And so when the Fed via its ass pamper boy, Steve Liesman, start banging on about the fact that some sliver of society is being handed extraordinary wealth while the working class has lost 40% of their net worth since 2007, well a big fuck you right back at ya bub!  The Fed is very aware that the bottom 80% of Americans own less than 5% of US equity markets.  And so the Fed is very aware that its manipulation of stock prices such that it creates immense unearned wealth to those in the markets doesn’t reach the bottom 80%.  So why celebrate the results of the stock market price manipulation??

It is embarrassing that our policymakers are either that inconsiderate or that stupid to celebrate such a brutal dislocation between the haves and have nots.  I don’t know what one can even say about the Fed making a celebratory statement like that today.  It is somewhat beyond words.  And really paints the picture as to how little thought goes into the lives and well being of the bottom 80%.

Just to give you something to compare and contrast the situation of the bottom 80% here in the US to counter the Fed’s celebration today.  I want you to think about how lucky we are not being in one of the PIIGS nations of Europe.  These are the nations that are essentially bankrupt and just hanging on by the kindness of the Troika.  Glad we’re not there right??  Well allow me to show you a chart published by CNN Money some 8 months ago.

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 12.47.37 PM

So there it is.  While the average net worth of Americans is 4th in the world pulled up by the top 10%, the median net worth of Americans comes in the 19th spot.  Yep, behind Spain, Italy and Ireland so 3 of the 5 PIIGS nations.  Meaning the bottom 80% in these broke ass barely hanging on nations have more wealth than the bottom 80% of us here in America.

So I’d like to ask the Fed, is it that you just hate the working class here in America and thus like to torment them or are you truly that stuck up your own asses that you just cannot see the light?  Celebrating the fact you did today is downright nasty you lowlife scoundrel pieces of shit.  It’s akin to a family showing off and celebrating a new born baby at the funeral of another family’s child.  It is just a very ugly thing to do.  Even if it wasn’t meant to be malicious it looks very much like a giant FU.

And for Americans, why, please god tell me why is it that Americans are so willing to be shit on for so long without so much as a hint of standing up to these monsters that steal our wealth and pass it around their political class.  Having grown up in Canada while all of my relatives were here in the US I was intrigued by the States.  I used to think of Americans as an incredibly admirable people.  The type of people that are confident, strong, intelligent and command respect.  I really truly did.  But having lived here now since 2001, what I see is a people that have rolled over on our backs.  As long as we get a few belly rubs once in a while we’re happy to live without a hint of respect.  We seem fine with being demeaned, controlled, robbed, enslaved and yes shit on by our political ‘superiors’.

Is the real Giant Con the ideal American?  Was it just a made up concept sent out to the rest of the world in hopes we could instill a fear simply by portraying the notion of a truly formidable American?  I really don’t have the answer.  Perhaps at some point in time Americans really were a force to be reckoned with.  And if that is the case then what a sad story to be told to the world 100 years from now.  How a nation got fat, lazy, complacent, perhaps stupid and definitely lost all sense of self esteem.

Imagine the founding fathers looking down on all of this.  Hell imagine those who fought on the beaches of Normandy looking down at what America has become.  Knowing that they sacrificed everything just to hand the nation over to a group of foreign sociopaths.  Imagine those men having to see that Americans no longer have any sense of dignity other than to yell loudly that “we are still great” kind of like that drunk in the corner that wants to fight everyone but can’t seem to find his legs to even stand up from his stool.  How incredibly disheartening it would be for those WWII soldiers to see us now.

We have become nothing but a host to a group of political parasites that have thrived on our wealth and our strength.  And they’ve watched us slowly die over time growing weaker and weaker.  Less able to find the strength to uphold the duties entrusted to us.  God, what a sad fucking story we are.  Thanks Steve Liesman for rubbing shit in our eyes today.  Hope you got a few clicks.

And for those of you that think I’m an ass for being so harsh on us, well stuff it.  Get up off your stool you lazy drunk, shut your damn mouth and start fighting these political parasites like a damn man, like a damn American.  I’m not the one stealing your retirement, stealing your income, stealing your wealth and stealing your freedom all while making myself wealthy and exonerated from all the laws that would put your ass in prison.     In short I ain’t your enemy.  If you’re mad by what I said then do something more constructive than calling me an asshole.  Capiche??  Good.


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  1. We had a chance for heaven on earth 70 or 80 years ago. People fought, died and suffered for that chance and we blew it. Now there is nothing left but a dying biosphere, declining resources, crooked governments, broken economies and bloated populations. Our rise and fall will follow a shark fin curve and there is nothing we can do about it. Fight? Fight for what exactly?

  2. You know, whenever you find yourself thinking “why is everyone but me a clueless moron?”, it’s probably a good time to question your premises.

    For example, consider the possibility that some people may understand the value of welfare-state benefits, as a financial asset, better than you do. Consider my mom, who never worked a full-time job in her life, but did work as a substitute and part-time teacher for most of it. As a result she has a modest pension, but what is that pension worth as a asset? If you wanted purchase a similar annuity, it would cost you the best part of a million dollars. Is tallied in her net worth? No.

    How about if you’re just getting $100 per month from SNAP? What’s that worth as an asset? What if you live in California, and get Medical health coverage? What would it cost you to purchase similar coverage? What if you’re getting housing benefits and other subsidies?

    What size stock portfolio would it take, to get you the same passive income as someone on 100% disability? Yet according to this article, that person on disability has no assets at all.

    Of course, in california, you can’t get state benefits if you have more than $5000. So, there is no use in keeping $10K in the bank, if that would disqualify you for benefits that are worth ten times that. ( But if you are also a citizen of Mexico or El Salvador, this is easily solved by banking your excess in your country of origin. )

    If the picture hasn’t come clear to you yet, let me be blunt. These “net worth” numbers that you cite, don’t include the value of welfare-state benefits. The people receiving those benefits, understand their value a lot better than you do, and they
    will rationally avoid things that would disqualify them. These people are “poor” because it pays to be that way.

    Briefly, the measure of “net worth” that this article uses, is worthless.

    1. You are a sick fuck. Please hit yourself over the head with your copy of atlas shrugged.

  3. You fucking losers who keep talking revolution don’t know what you are asking for. A “revolution” would mean the end of life as you know it. No more power, water, gas, food. You would be on your own. 10% of you losers would be dead in a month. 50% in 6 months and 90% within a year. Not worse off…dead.

    You have no idea how good you really have it. You will look back at these times as “the really good times”. Be through whatever; revolution, pandemic, global famine, asteroid, war, drastic climate change, you will wish for these times.

    Enjoy the good times while they last…fucking, whiny, losers

    1. Troll. Hope you’re getting paid for your comments. CIA pays good money to trolls to do what you’re doing. Look into it if you’re not on the payroll yet.

      1. truth hurts, doesn’t it loser? Bet your parents told you how special you were your whole life. Bet there’s even a 4th place trophy on their mantel piece for you for some worthless shit you did.

        We’ll here’s the hurtful truth…you suck. You’re lazy, shiftless, entitled. You’re in your 20’s and can’t figure out why you aren’t a VP or Sr Director yet. Get a clue. And thank the 1% for keeping the lights and other shit on that you fucks couldn’t do in 10 of your lifetime’s.

        1. Trolls are silly little bitches. Hahaha what a cute little troll you are. Haha come here troll. Sit troll. Roll over troll. Now beg troll. Does troll want a cookie?? Yes does troll want a cookie?? What a cute little troll you are. Silly silly little troll. Speak troll can the silly little troll speak?? Go on speak troll. Can the little troll speak. Yes the little troll can speak. Good little silly troll.

      1. yeah cause if you fucking losers overthrow “the man”, the “new man” is going to make everything better for you? New boss same as the old boss. Someone’s always on top, someones always on the bottom. No matter who’s in charge you losers always lose…because you’re fucking losers. You have no skills, useful education, or contacts. Go back to you mom’s basement and dust off that 4th place trophy.

  4. Great, we understand the anger and I am angry too. In fact I am contemplating joining these psychopaths and neck-shooting these lazy drunks myself but you’re preaching to the choir here which optimistically maybe 5% of the populous. Now try to reach the other 95% probably watching sports or some reality show as we speak.

  5. The Founding Fathers wouldn’t have a problem with it at all. They were the 1% of their day, the people who wrote the rules so that only white guys with property could vote. In 1776, George Washington was the richest man in the colony.

  6. The sheeple are afraid to vote for Independents. I voted for Ron Paul and hope to vote for William K Black and Elizabeth Warren in 2016.

    1. Sorry, but Liz is a card carrying democrat aligned with socialist/communist’s… Ron Paul is on the opposite end of the spectrum. Either you don’t care who gets in excluding the media driven choices, or you are less than truthful….

      1. Communists? In America? You freaking nuts.

        Warren is a classic old- school 1950s-1960s Republican, which means she’s considerably to the left of today’s democrats aka GOP Lite.

  7. As long as maximum voter turnout is less than 30% ‘we the people’ deserve the shit we are fed. If turnout was 90% this would be a very different place. VOTE.

      1. (Literacy is important to be heard.) This is a great and important article with which I agree completely. Time for a revolution? Yes! Of some sort or another. Money powered politics needs to be stopped first. Shorter stays in power first. No more political dynasties!!

        1. And finally, End the Fed and all the funny money. Government should issue asset backed currency with no interest demanded.

  8. what do we DO? But more importantly, how to get others to also DO.
    Thinking, people just want to survive, and they aren’t thinking “slavery”. Don’t get how they don ‘t see it, never mind feel it. I am ‘doing” small things. a “Doing” post might be good?

    1. Hi, “what do we do?” is a question I get asked when the amenable 20% of the population realizes the truth & get riled up when it is explained to them.

      My answer is: “become a person who doesn’t have to ask that question”. In other words, become proactive not reactive. They ask “what do we do?” because they’re trained from childhood to look to authority or management for instruction instead of looking at the problem with all it’s facets and then crafting a course to lead themselves.

  9. There is no point in making a stand for people who won’t stand up for themselves. I do have the opportunity from time to time to speak with random members of the public about this exact subject matter. People can’t find enough excuses fast enough to evade the discussion. You and everyone else here knows what the FED is up to. Cover thy ass. Moar Silver.

  10. I know most of the TBTF WS Banksters are Dual-Passport Isrealis but Damn, when does the US Taxpayer get to stop subsizing oil prices for the entire citizenry of Israel?

    Senators push oil-supply pact with Israel
    Posted on March 13, 2015 at 3:57 pm by Jennifer A. Dlouhy in General, Politics/Policy
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    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu chairs a weekly cabinet meeting at his Jerusalem office in March 2015. (AP Photo/Gali Tibbon, Pool)
    WASHINGTON — For more than three decades, the United States has pledged to help Israel get crude in case the country’s own oil supplies were cut off.

    But a U.S.-Israel agreement guaranteeing that emergency assistance expired last November. And now, six senators are pressing the Obama administration to re-up the deal.

    The senators delivered their plea in a letter to Secretary of State John Kerry, urging him “to expedite the renewal of this important agreement as a meaningful gesture of support to our friend and ally at this challenging time.”

    Sens. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, and Mark Warner, D-Va., spearheaded the letter. Other signers were Republican Sens. John Barrasso of Wyoming and Jim Risch of Idaho as well as Democratic Sens. Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota and Joe Manchin of West Virginia.

    The move comes amid a rough patch in U.S.-Israeli relations and just four days before Israelis cast their votes in a general election that will decide whether Benjamin Netanyahu remains prime minister or is replaced by Isaac Herzog. In a March 3 speech to a joint session of Congress boycotted by several dozen lawmakers, Netanyahu delivered a scathing attack on a deal the Obama administration is negotiating with Iran.

    In their letter to Kerry, the senators invoke the words of President Barack Obama’s National Security Adviser Susan Rice, who said the United States’ relationship with Israel should “unquestionably strong, immutable, regardless of political seasons in either country and regardless of which party is in control in either country.”

    “We have a long history of working with Israel on issues related to energy and the environment,” Murkowski observed. “Given the heightened tensions in the region, it’s only prudent that we reaffirm our commitment to our allies.”

    The agreement in question was first signed by the Ford administration in 1975 — and formalized four years later. It has been renewed twice, first by the Clinton administration in 1994 and a decade later, by the Bush administration.

    Under the most recent, now-expired agreement, the United States would be compelled to provide oil for Israel when the price Israel pays for crude rises 20 percent above the average of several benchmark crudes. And if Israel lost 22 percent of its supply from major suppliers, the United States would be obligated to make oil available to the country without delay — a change from previous language giving the United States 60 days to find alternative sources of oil for Israel.

    When the agreement ended last November, an unidentified State Department official quoted by Reuters said the United States was working to renew its commitment to supply Israel with oil in emergencies.

    It is unclear whether that work is still under way. A State Department spokesperson did not immediately return a request for comment.

    Murkowski unsuccessfully advanced a legislative proposal in 2003 that would have authorized the president to allow U.S. crude to be exported to fulfill the bilateral oil supply agreement with Israel.

    1. You mean, unilateral, like most U.S./Israeli deals. It all goes in one direction, from us to them. Money, arms, welfare ($900 per Israeli citizen, every year), information, votes in the U.N., you name it.
      They sure as hell are not going to supply the U.S. with oil, regardless of the cost to them, if we can no longer afford it or lose access to enough. And they sure as hell are not going to rush to the defense of the U.S. if Canada or Mexico attacks us. Some ally.

  11. I really don’t get all the wailing and gnashing of teeth. We are nature, doomed to grow greedy, burn and rise again from the ashes. Cycle. Recycle. Capiche?

  12. Thank you for this post and yes it is time to stand up and fight. Sad really that it took a Canadian to speak up cur through all the BS. And to Tuner Boy it’s not about the bottom 10% being able to get food stamps or welfare. It’s about what is supposed to be the highest level integrity group in the world (Central Banks) (God’s work) conning the everyday people and stealing their wealth. They do this through control of the media (both sides) and “Deep Capture” of any regulator that would enforce our laws. When was the last time a banker went to jail? It’s a great con the banks steal (with the governments help) say 30 billion dollars and get fined 2 billion which they give back to the state. Yeah Steve Lies Man enjoy your sic little charade but know that you also should do hard time for being an accomplice to the biggest crime in the history of America. And yes every one of will stand before God and give an account of what we have done.

      Thad Beversdorf, get a life!

      …………………/…./ /
      ……….”…\………. _.·´

      1. Why don’t you go back to accepting another gallon of nut butter up your ass and leave the adults to discuss this?

  13. FU you whiny little Sally boy. I grew up in the bottom 10% and now am in the top 3%. Get an education, work hard, save and invest your money. Complain less and do more.

    The “poor” in America have NEVER had it so good during the entire history of the world. See anyone starving to death? See any dead bodies in the street? Anyone dying of common diseases who didn’t choose to be vaccinated? All I see is everyone on their $800 iPhone’s drinking their $5 half caffe lattes while driving their new cars. Yeah, times suck.

      1. what exactly do you disagree with? That the “poor” have it pretty good comparatively?

        1. I’ll tell you what I disagree with Mr. DBtuner…theft and graft perpetrated on the masses by a group of total sociopaths which you don’t seem to have a problem with as long as people can still go to Starbucks and pay $5 for a cup of coffee. You are the kinda jackass that is destroying this once great nation.

        2. The poor don’t have iPhones and nice cars you imbecile, otherwise they would not be poor.

          Quite interesting how a poor person can afford an 800 dollar iPhone and new car.

          1. That’s the lie the people with the phones and cars tell themselves so they don’t have to feel bad.

    1. I highly doubt an actual 3% as inarticulate as dbtunr has the time or energy to spend leaving a comment on a blog. I guess it’s good to have dreams though.

    2. You miss the entire fucking point. 3% is decent but you are at the level that really gets dinged the worst. See you don’t have enough dosh to live like a king and not even close to be able to buy favorable legislation or policies but you do get lumped in with those that do. I remember thinking that as I was passing up through the 3% zone.

      See the point wasn’t to suggest that the poor don’t have it good enough. It was to suggest that you don’t mean a fcking thing to the policy makers. You don’t have the dosh or the pull for them to even think about you beyond how much they can take from you. So don’t feel special. You’re a mark. A sucker. And that’s ok because you live pretty well. For now. But bc the system is being destroyed you are on borrowed time. And that is the fucking point. When policies and legislation are passed for all the wrong reasons we cycle back to crisis mode. And as much as crisis mode creates opportunities for those with a lot of capital it destroys immense capital for those who have done all the right things, worked hard and saved and are about to retire. And while you may not give a shit about anyone but yourself in this world I do. But more than that we pay out of our taxes the salaries of people whose responsibility it is to implement policies and procedures exactly to prevent the destruction of those that worked hard and did it all right. And if I’ve paid someone to do something and they do the opposite I want them held accountable. But I feel as though most Americans these days seem fine not holding them accountable for the destruction they cause. I hope I’ve provided the kind of clarity you can appreciate.

      1. Yes, I get crushed in taxes. No financial aid for college, blah, blah, blah. So what? That’s the cost of a good life. I can retire in 3 years when the kids are out of college and I won’t even be 55. I’m hedged with physical gold/silver if things go to shit and I have good stocks like Apple, JNJ, Chevron if things stay good. My house is paid off and I have money in the bank. I came from nothing. Nothing!

        Getting all worked up about stuff is a waste of time. Enjoy your life and try to better yourself. Stop being jealous of those ahead of you. Someone will always be ahead of you. Make the most of what you have. Live bellow your means, stay out of debt, be kind to others.

        1. This is not a microeconomic issue. Meaning when you can retire is irrelevant. Or that you came from nothing. You might as well be telling me about Dolphins. If you cannot grasp that then the discussion is moot. Rather than trying to argue with me or making yourself seem as though you are above this issue (because you aren’t) try to think about what is really being said. If you disagree that’s great but at least disagree once you’ve understood what’s being discussed. I do appreciate that you’ve taken the time to ateadt participate. But again live gone this far. Now try to work through to the end of this. Disagreeing is fine in fact it’s great. But please first grasp the discussion. Thank you.

          1. I understand the issue. You feel that that “banksters” are stealing your money. So what? “Banksters” have always been stealing people’s money. Deal with it son. Profit from it. Beat them at their own game.

            You 20 something’s are the most worthless generation ever. Bunch of whinny, little pussies.

        2. Look asshole, if we don’t get a grip on the people in power being broke will be the least of our worries…

  14. Just watched a business news broadcast – “Possible Fed rate hike causes Dow to tumble”! I’m laughing an insane laugh with current Fed discount rate at 0.75%….
    WE have allowed the Fed to distribute wealth to the wealthy while totally disabling the “real” economy. Give credit where credit is due, the plans made on Jekyll Island some 5 score and 5 years ago, must have totally exceeded expectations by those 6 “duck hunters”.

    The treatment of the banks has mystified me as much as the treatment of the Jewish State by our politicians. Corruption, deceit and power grabs seem to always be the answers to my mysteries. Banking is a capitalistic business, it’s success or failure should be based on how well it services its customers, not on being insured by our tax monies. The Fed has not and is not operating within the realm of the most basic capitalistic practices.

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